Mature-stage advisors

Mature financial professionals hold to tried-and-trusted values – like independence, reputation, and long-standing professional relationships.

You’ve built your career and firm over decades, and though you may be concerned with the pace of change, you’re also looking to finish the race in great shape.

With WestStar you get a 360° advisor solutions partner that understands you and shares your values and goals. We assist many mature advisors in cementing their legacy and identifying and engaging successors.

Get the backing you’re lacking with WestStar    

Many firms are built on the reputation and often the name – of the founder. Updating your branding could be the key to a smooth transition. To set up the business for succession, you may need a foundation of the latest services, tools, and technology.

If you have older clients who’d prefer working with an advisor in their age group, leaning on mature advisors in our network will give you confidence that those clients are in good hands.

WestStar will help you strike a balance between ensuring the advisors in your successor’s practice honor the values and methods that your clients trust, and also market to younger clients to ensure business longevity.


In joining WestStar’s network, you’ll team up with many professionals who are targeting practice growth through mergers and acquisitions.

One of the many benefits of working with WestStar and Cetera Wealth Partners is our structured exit and succession planning process. This includes an exit readiness assessment and may include solutions and platforms such as:

    Legacy Building | Acquisition Consulting | Succession Consulting | Practice Valuation

WestStar helps you pursue your personal and professional goals and finish your race in great shape.

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