Growth-stage advisors

WestStar Prosperity Group helps early growth-stage advisors transition from a single advisor and admin to a team with support staff. We help growing firms implement scalable practices to reach their full potential, and mature-stage advisors to set the platform for a prosperous exit.

Growth-stage challenges are about structure, consistency, and sustainability. It’s all about how to build a solid foundation for your practice, run it efficiently, and scale to the next level.

With WestStar you get a 360° advisor enablement partner who understands you. We mentor and guide you in building your practice and becoming an astute business owner.

Get the backing you’re lacking from WestStar

Your time is best spent driving growth, developing client relationships, building channels to market, and making connections with COI’s.

We help you focus on your ideal clients, hand off those who don’t fit your profile, and engage in marketing to attract new clients and drive referrals.

WestStar provides an A-to-Z practice management toolkit with the processes and platform to make it easier and more profitable to do business. 

We provide professional help and expertise in developing SEO, digital marketing, and branding strategies to attract ideal clients and land referrals.

M&A and Succession

Working with WestStar means being part of a network tailor-made for mergers, acquisitions, and succession. We work with Cetera’s Consulting and Succession Planning teams in helping you identify new opportunities, and strategically position yourself for growth.

We help you scale your systems for client acquisition and onboarding, and give you the know-how to hire, train, incentivize and create career paths for staff.

We’ll also help you identify colleagues in the network as potential successors (in the case of an unforeseen event), and so provide security for your spouse, and continuity for your clients.

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