Emerging-stage advisors

Emerging-stage advisors often struggle to take their practices to the next level and to grow personally. Many represent product-led organizations built around doing what’s best for the organization, rather than for the advisors and their clients.

The culture of these organizations can be ultra-competitive, leaving no room for mentorship, and no sense of common purpose or team spirit.

Knowing they could accomplish so much more with the right kind of support leaves advisors feeling stuck in a box.

At WestStar, we help emerging-stage advisors escape their boxes.


Your challenge is to reach a point of sustainability, with enough income to feel safe, and to hire an administrative assistant to help the day-to-day run smoothly.

It’s all about stabilizing your practice so you can take a breath, take stock, and determine your best path to growth.

You may be asking yourself:

Who are my ideal clients?

How do I best attract and serve those clients?

Do my current clients fit that profile – and if not, do I want to move forward with them?

What kind of work-life balance will be best for my business and me?

How can I know that I’m making the right choices? Who will have my back?


As a 360° advisor enablement partner, WestStar helps you build your independent advice practice and be an astute business owner.

Our close personal attention means you’ll get what you need – whether that’s access to temporary staff, training, guidance, or mentorship – plus tech and tools that are customizable to the way you work.

WestStar’s Prosperity Partners brand and marketing support will help you stand out, engage your markets, and build enduring relationships.

To see the brand in action, visit www.weststarpartners.com

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“The great thing about the WestStar team is that we’re all helping each other grow. It’s the team that gives us diverse strengths and deep experience, while WestStar’s advice, tools, tech, and support enhance every client relationship.’”

Spencer Hill, Financial Consultant, WestStar Prosperity Partners